Monday, January 2, 2012

Purpose is the Word

Happy New Year!  
and you're welcome Katie, ha!

If I were really on top of things I would be posting pictures from my family's Christmas/New Year's celebration this weekend but quite frankly in my world posting pictures is kind've hard for about two or six reasons, not the least of which is I have moderately-severe OCD tendencies that thwart my progress.

Thwart.  Still my favorite word that I rarely get to use.  
Thwart.  Try it.

Anyway, since I obviously have no intentions of doing a pictorial recap I'm going to do a things-that-are-flying-around-in-my-head kinda rendering.

(I'm so sorry.)

1.  Passion 2012 begins tonight.  I'm downright jealous.  I have got to find me some college kids who'll let me take them next year so I can go.  It still surprises me and breaks my heart a little that I'm no longer age-eligible to attend young adult-y type events.  sigh.  They'll be doing a live stream and last year it was wonderful.  Unfortunately this year I work nights, but I'm hoping the sessions will still be available for a day or so after so I can catch them.  I think a revival in your jammies is a very special kind of time with the Lord :)   Here's the link to watch online.

2.  My word for 2012 is a variation on my word for 2011.  And I'm sorry to report I was only moderately successful in my efforts to incorporate being more intentional in 2011.  Unfortunately being reactive is so thoroughly who I seem to be.  sigh.  Anyway, I'm asking God to work with me in this area for for another 12 months just be on the complete side. 

Oops!  I never said what the word was, did I?  It's Purpose.  I'm praying I live each day with purpose...purposeful choices, purposeful gestures, purposeful steps.  I'm praying I discern God's purpose for me and each day that He gives me.

3.  In keeping with my moderate success in 2011 I'm repeating my memory verses for another year.  I did pretty great for about the first half of the year, but it got harder and harder for me to get a firm grasp on the new verses.  I can't even believe how hard it has become for me to memorize, but I'm not beating up on myself.  God and I have talked about it and He has reassured me that even the process of trying to memorize them is a very spiritually profitable thing.  All that deliberation is of course part of the hiding (in my heart).  Therefore I'm soldiering forward again this year, and I'm thinking after another cycle through I should have them firmly in place :)

4.  I'm not a fan of all the goodbyes this weekend.  Just sayin'.

5.  I've read that the phrase "just sayin" is very last year and  quite possibly overdone but what can I say?  I'm not sure that I can stop.  I was saying "just sayin" long before it was cool.  Who knows?  I might have even invented it myself.  (Again, sorry!)  I apologize for being so last year, but let's face it, I'm in my mid forties.  I fear the hip and cool ship has sailed.

6.  Christmas cupcakes and my mother's "Heavenly Hash."  Amen.

7.  It's time to take down the Christmas tree.  My lights and a few ornaments are literally sliding right off the branches.  Which is odd because it's an artificial tree.

8.  The Bachelor starts back up tonight.  I'm not even going to try to defend myself or my pitiful Monday night viewing choice.  I'm also quite certain I'll be preaching and fussing like the Maw-Maw I can be by week two, but y'all...Have you SEEN those commercials where the beautiful girl all decked out in her fancy gown is sitting all alone sobbing and then the text comes up telling us The Bachelor is coming in January?  All I can say is buahahaha!!  And also seriously girls?  Don't get your relationship advice from crazy people on the television.  The end.

9.  Y'all KNOW how I hate to complain but if I don't stop with The Coughing and feeling bad soon I'm going to start to get a touch cranky.  Last night when I coughed the top of my head hurt.  It literally. felt. rattle-y.  WEIRD.

10.  I have a couple of prayer requests...would you join me today in praying for Mamaw Honaker?  She's not doing well and we're thinking she'll be in Heaven feeling really great very soon.  I'm happy for her, but it's still sad, especially for her girls.  The older I get the more I realize how excruciating it would be to say goodbye to your mama. 

Also, please pray for Marie?  She's pregnant and struggling with crack addiction.  She and her precious baby girl, and the family anxiously awaiting her birth, need help from the Lord desperately.

Soon perhaps you'll see evidence of my purposeful heart by way of that pictorial recap.  In the meantime,  have a great day!!  I love ya :)

p.s.  What kind of person mentions Passion 2012 and The Bachelor in the same post.  I'm a mess.

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