Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days: I Love Artwork on My Fridge

I'd say I wake up approximately 70% of the time missing the babies.

I see them maybe 10% of the time.

Really it's probably more like 5% to 7%, but for mathematical purposes let's say 10, shall we?

So I'm with them maybe 10% of the time.  I spend about 10% of the time all excited about the fact that I'm going to see them...and then I lie around a lot while feeling all melancholy (i.e. recuperating) for oh, let's say around 10% of my time.

During the 70-ish% of the rest of my life I find great pleasure, perhaps even comfort, gazing upon various masterpieces left behind by Miss Audrey.

She made this one ages ago when I personally felt she was too little to be so brilliant.

I know nothing about childhood development, but isn't it interesting that she went the circles route first?  

I wonder what it means.

What does it all mean??

My girls would have called this scribble-scrabble when they were little.  I'm not sure where the terminology came from but it was pretty accurate.

Now it makes my insides hurt to remember those little scribble-scrabblers.

(I swear I get more sentimental with every day that passes.  I can't seem to make it stop, and frankly I preferred myself when I was a little less sensitive.  I dislike hurting insides.)

Anyway, my point is, and I did have a point....

These little pieces of Audrey's heart that she has shared with me through her art make my kitchen feel all cheery and beautiful and full of love.

And they make me smile a lot too.

Happy Thursday!

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