Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days: I Love Spending the Day with my Girl

Kari and I have kinda started this little tradition over the last few years.  Instead of a lovely, sweet little gift all wrapped up with a pretty bow we pick an afternoon and dedicate it to all things shopping and eating.  I feel kinda guilty about the lack of wrapping paper and presentation, but we really enjoy taking that little time out just to enjoy each other, and she insists she loves the whole "ooh-I-can-have-whatever-I-want-within-Mom's-price-range-what-will-it-be?" thing. 

(Say that three times realfast.)

(I dare ya.)

So today is that day.  Tomorrow is my baby's birthday, but she has to work, so we're going to hit the town today!  The goal is to dine somewhere "girly," locate and also consume some manner of delightful sugar...and perhaps find a good pair of brown flats, or maybe some too-expensive-unless-it's-a-birthday decorative pillows. 

It's hard to tell.  

We'll just be a couple of crazy kids out on the town with the world as our oyster.

Or something like that.

Look at that sweet face....

It's gonna be a GREAT DAY.

Here's hoping yours is too :)

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