Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days: I Love a Rainy Day...er, Night

So I woke up this morning  to a very, very overcast sky, cooler temperatures, and the promise of a thoroughly satisfying rainy day or three.  Oddly enough this doesn't bother me.  As someone who has always preferred copious amounts of sunshine I don't understand my recent fondness of all things gray and wet, but I don't suppose I have to.  

If I had to hazard a guess I'd attribute it to the zillion-degree summer we just shared here in the Valley.

(Yeah, yeah I know, compared to my friends in Anywhere Texas conditions were simply delightful around these parts.  All I know is I was hot.  a. lot.)

Anyway, as I probably-too-often do, I woke up with a song looping around in my head.  (which is in itself a fascinating and creepy subject I'd love to learn more about at a later time)   ...But this time it was borderline appropriate.  

I woke up with my soundtrack playing and it fit the circumstances of my day.

It also took me back to the days of my youth circa 1980.

and it made me smile.

and I love to smile. 

Happy (rainy) Tuesday!

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