Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Days: I Love Reliable Transportation

It will be eleven years in November since I bought what I have often referenced as my-only-asset-doggone it! when hollering at my teenagers who were doing things like letting friends literally run over it with their much larger bullying truck (Hi Darren- love ya!!) and allegedly spilling chocolate milk over every surface and cleaning it up as only an unmotivated 16-year-old could.

(I know that was an absurdly thorough run-on sentence but it's Monday and I'm not proud.)

I suppose I could have been nicer to my teenagers, but I like to think that my willingness to share with them my-only-asset-doggone-it! and allow them to contribute in abundance to the total mileage reflected on the odometer -  with only occasional complaining/hollering - balances things out.

Prior to my beloved car I had a sweet ride that had belonged to Mamaw Farmer.  I was terribly grateful for her generosity, and it was a nice car...but when it was time to replace it I must admit to being excited.  

I walked onto the car lot on my lunch hour and by the time I got back to the office I owned a still-smelled-new-but-better-because DEPRECIATION car.  

The men around me were shocked.  and horrified.  and extremely disapproving of my impulsiveness and lack of spending at least MONTHS investigating and shopping around.

I'm not a shopping-arounder.  I'm a get-it-over-with-er.  So I got it done.

I haven't regretted it one single day.

She has been nothing short of wonderful.  In all these eleven  years she hasn't caused me any grief that I didn't deserve by wearing her OUT, taking her everywhere with me.  We've done some driving, she and I, from Miami to Lake well as all over tarnation.  

It's not her fault she's tired.  At 133,530 miles I'm tired too.  If she wants a new battery here & there, or maybe a new set of tires once in a while I say she's deserved it.

I'm praying that she'll give me another year or two before starting to really feel her age.  We don't gallivant like in the Glory Days (neither of us are as young as we used to be), and I let her rest a good bit now...just hanging out in the driveway sunning things are looking good for our immediate future.

But I can say right now, if she did give out today and find herself unable to go another mile I wouldn't blame her.

I would miss her like the old friend she has turned out to be, and I'd be very concerned about how in the world I'm going to replace her...

But I wouldn't be mad.  She's been good to me, and I'm thankful for the time we've had together.

Thanks, Old Gal, for getting the girls and me everywhere we've needed to go for these last eleven years.  Through ice storms & blizzards, and wind and rain we have been safe and warm...and we looked a bit sporty in the process.

(These pics are from today...doesn't she look GOOD??)

Happy Monday :)

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