Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days: I Love the Counting

It's not that late but it feels like the middle of the night.  

I'm a little on the worn-out side of things, and should probably be sleeping.

...but not quite yet.

I've been chatting it up about things I'm loving this month, and at this moment nothing is sweeter than lying in the dark typing away to the music of the little one sleeping beside me.  She has that slightly stuffy-nosed breathing going on that only a small child can do properly.

Is there sweeter music anywhere?

I'm thinking No.

I'm still not feeling a hundred percent, but there's nothing better than a heaping helping of busy to take you mind off your troubles.  or your miseries.   

or both. 

I could be sleeping...and I will soon, but lying here in the dark with nothing but my sweet Audrey's breathing and the click of the keyboard in my ears, I'm loathe to let go.

Right now, in this moment, there's nothing else.

Just me, with my Audrey-girl.

I have much to be thankful for.

So I keep counting.

(A Thousand Gifts #764-780)

midnight breathing, and sleeping on the floor, and typing in the dark

big conversations with little girls, and spontaneous hugs in the middle of play, and always the humor that tickles my funny bone

the clear, blue sky juxtaposed against the red, and the green, and the orange, and the brown, and the air so fresh, and the lengthening shadows and watching her "catch" the shadows as we walk

the delight when watching her rush to get to her wiwi..."let's hurry, naynay, I can't WAIT!" 

increasing baby boy snuggles and that placid expression that slays me every time

sitting at my sister's counter while talking about mostly nothing and enjoying every minute

always the breeze through the open windows

mom finding answers and finding comfort in the answers found

stable employment while so very many cope with instability

the announcement in the middle of rowdy play with her cousins, I'm just so happy!"

the peace from understanding He has all the solutions.  to all the all my questions.

Happy Monday!

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