Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days: I Love a Little Walk Down Random Lane

Question:  Can you even believe that the above picture was taken a mere 24 hours or so before the snow started falling here in our little Valley?  Now mind you, we didn't get any goofy annoying lovely accumulation with said precipitation, but there was a fair amount of noisy sleet and all manner of Facebook status updates.

Snow of any amount in the month of October is NEWS around these parts.

Question:  Does anyone out there close their front blinds and ensure the porch light is in the off position before darkness falls on Halloween for the simple reason that she neglected to buy candy for the precious little neighbor children?  Anyone? 

Anyone at all?

Would anyone like to clean up that mess of a run-on sentence for me?

Question:  Quick show of hands.  Who among us has found herself at the mall wearing jeans with orange peanut butter crackers smeared all over the leg. 

I know you're out there...?

Surely there are others amongst us with a sweet little bundle-o-boy-joy in the form of a grandson/son/nephew/brother/husband who has shared the snack-cracker love.

Come on, y'all, fess I the only one to wear the same jeans twice, thus finding myself in unclean dungarees at the Food Court?

Question:  Before the preceding five seconds, when was the last time you heard anyone use the word "dungarees" in a sentence? 

I do believe this was my very first usage of said word. 

(It just came to me from Out Of The Blue.)

(It's a gift.  And a curse.)

Question:  Have you ever in your life consumed carrot soup?

I have!  I made some tonight per PW's suggestion, and I must say it turned out pretty well. 

I think I might have enjoyed it even more if I actually, you know, liked carrots.

Question:  Did anyone see this?  I'm not gonna lie.  It made me a cry a little.  It also made me want to call my brother immediately.  Unfortunately he was at work and that was not a viable option. 

But I still wanted to. 

Question:  Do you think this post this is completely and totally cheating in the whole staying-on-topic nature of my 31 Days series? 

If so, would ya still be my friend anyway?

Until tomorrow!

(unless you break up with me...)

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