Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days: I Love Reading other People's Words


There are more than 700 bloggers taking part in the 31 Days Challenge, and frankly that's just too many funny, bright, and creative "homes" to visit on any given day, week, month.

Fortunately, blogs are a little on the permanent side, so I can always go back later & find whatever topics strike my fancy at the time.

Cool, huh. 

Anyway, I thought I would share just a couple of the blogs that have grabbed my heart (or my stomach?) thus far.  These would be just three that I'm checking in on each day :)

In the category of YUMMY I would have to say that Elizabeth at Yes They're All Ours had me hooked as soon as I caught sight of the title of her series, 31 Days of Pumpkin.  I haven't actually tried the recipes yet because of my aforementioned under-the-weather condition (and also the apple cake temporarily distracted me).  But  I will.  Soon. 

NOTE:  If you live local you might want to drop me a line because OH YES there will be sharing :)

Shannan, aka Flower Patch Farmgirl, made me cry.  More than once.  Her bittersweet (more sweet than bitter, mind you) offerings in 31 Days of Letting Go have reached deep.  I'm not quite sure why they've resonated so.  I s'pose letting go is letting go, be it a house or a dream.

Anyway, they're just moving for Heaven's sake, and she seems to be handling it beautifully.  I, on the other hand, am kinda mourning the farm, ha!  

I'm so weird.

Finally, remember Edie from last December?  I asked y'all to pray for her.  She's the blogger whose family lost everything in a fire just a few days before Christmas.  They moved into their fabulous new home this weekend & her 31-Day entries seem to be a bit random right now...but I'm loving every one of them.  

She also takes gorgeous photos and has lots of good decorating ideas. 

and she makes me smile.

and she lives in the Knoxville area, the place from whence I came :)

Happy reading!

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