Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days: I Love the Occasional List

Since I'm feeling hopelessly behind in pretty much everything in my whole life it seems today would be a swell time for a listy offering.  

Lists are this busy fatigued lazy blogger's way of emptying out a few of the thoughts that rattle around inside the ol' cerebral cortex.

1.  I heart Chipotle.  I love some good Mexican food so much that if my grandchildren were there I would happily brave the thousand-degree temperatures and move to Texas (home of the best Mexican food EVER - except maybe, you know, MEXICO) just so I could consume it on a daily basis.

On a side note, how is it possible to love Mexican food with my whole heart and yet hate cilantro more than any other food group in the history of ever?  

I have no answers for this great mystery of life but am grateful that it's a complexity we can all live with.

2.  I don't understand how this is even possible but I recently, and by recently I mean in the last 48 hours, viewed the first two seasons of "Sister Wives."  


I'm a bit chagrined to admit that I found the whole thing riveting.  


and I have no earthly idea why.  My fundamental issues with polygamy aside, one man attempting to keep four different wives and 16 children happy just seems like a Terrible Plan fraught with all manner of aggravation and frustration.  However, after watching a few episodes I suppose I can see how some women might be drawn to the abundant sense of family, especially if they were lacking in family when young.  

One thing these people are not is lonely, that's for sure.

In my opinion it looks about a zillion times harder and less wonderful than the way God designed it, and frankly, I'm thinking marriage is challenging enough without us mucking things up unnecessarily.

I do have to say this, though, and I don't mean to be at all mean, but while I really kinda liked all the "wives" - who seem to be devoted mothers and just basically kind people - Kody The Husband is downright goofy.  

Well-intentioned probably, but Y'all... SO GOOFY.

Which leads me to that age-old question.  How in the world do the goofballs end up with FOUR different wives when perfectly nice people like me don't even have a fella?

Just a question. 

Next up in my Netflix-y rotation would be Toddlers and Tiaras.

Because it's all about stimulating the cerebral cortex. 

3.  Audrey just spent a few days with me.  That right there was some grandparenting delight is what that was. 

4.  It dropped from around 80 to around 50 degrees in the span of approximately 12 minutes around here this week.  That makes for some weird weather here in the Valley.  WEIRD WEATHER.

5.  I tried a three-ingredient pumpkin muffin recipe I've seen floating around on Pinterest, and while I have eaten four or five of them I have to admit they prove the old adage, easy is not necessarily better.

(I'm not sure that's an actual adage.)

(What's an adage?)

I'll share my favorite muffin recipe with you soon when I'm less busy fatigued lazy.  It may have more than three ingredients but, how can I say tastes like you actually tried.

6.  My head still hurts.  In other words I still have a headache.  

This is ticking me off because basically I've had a headache for about a hundred years.  Or at least a few weeks.  Same difference.  

I only mention it here because, and I'm just gonna say it, I'm fed up and also sick and tired of having a headache.  Therefore I'm appealing to you, my bloggy friends, for suggestions.  I know lots of ya have had a headache before, so I'm hoping maybe you can give me your tips on how to avoid losing my ever-lovin' mind.

Happy Thursday ;)

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