Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Days: I Love How Her Smile Tickles My Insides


Dear Kari Beth:

Today is your birthday so I've been thinking a bit about you.  And your birth.  

And your life.

Thank you so much for finally banishing all the misery of that first year so we could get to know the real you.

Thank you for listening to what Jesus had to say to you as you were growing up and for being willing to obey.

Thank you for deciding to be loving and all squishy on the inside when meeting disappointment head on.

Thank you for being tough as nails and also stubborn as a donkey when your convictions are being tested.

Thank you for caring all the way to your core about other people and their feelings.

It can be exhausting to care.

(Thanks for making it look easy)

Finally, thank you for  being a daughter any mama would be proud of.

(That reminds me...Thanks for always being nice to your mama.)

I could not be more proud of you or love you more if I tried all day long.

and that's a fact. 

Happy Birthday!



p.s.  Didn't Drew take a pretty picture??  Thanks Drew!
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