Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days: I Love Walking on a Nippy Day


Today's the first truly chilly day we've had and I'm loving it!

I ventured into that closet that has been neglected for months & pulled out a pair of my favorite old sweats, threw on my oversized, long-sleeved Myrtle Beach t-shirt & decided to take a little stroll.

My nose got a little on the cold side and it may or may not have run just the tiniest bit and I loved every minute of it.

This day was mostly all gray and gloomy and yet somehow delightfully refreshing, and the soup was yummy, and my snuggly black blanket is just as wonderful as ever. 

Unfortunately I know myself well, and in approximately 20 minutes or three days I'll likely be griping and fussing and complaining about how very COLD I am and how much I DON'T LIKE being cold.


But for this day, I am thrilled beyond all measure for the just-like-brand-new delight of a new season.

And I thankfully - and joyously! - receive the gift that it is.

Happy Sunday! 
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